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“…to do real and permanent good in this world…” and “…create ladders on which the aspiring can rise.”

–Andrew Carnegie, upon establishment of the Carnegie Corporation in 1911

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CKCF encourages grant recipients to share the North Newton Community Foundation logo on any public event materials. This logo can be used on your organization’s website, social media accounts or event printed materials. Download a JPG image of the logo below.

North Newton Community Foundation Grant Recipient Logo

The North Newton Community Foundation awards grants annually, with applications due in the month of March.

The North Newton Community Foundation Grant cycle is funded with proceeds from the North Newton Community Impact Fund, the Jacob D. and Beth E. Goering Charitable Fund, the Jim and Shirley Goering Community Development Fund, the Sher Klassen Neufeld Endowment Fund, the John G. and Diana C. Torline Endowment for North Newton Fund, and the North Newton Kids Endowment Fund.

The North Newton Community Impact Fund proposes that its earnings be used for public, charitable scientific, literary, and educational purposes that are consistent with the NNCF mission statement. Grant awards from the Fund are based on recommendations by the North Newton Community Foundation Board of Directors and approved by the Central Kansas Community Foundation.

The Jacob D. and Beth E. Goering Charitable Fund, the John G. and Diana C. Torline Endowment, the Jim and Shirley Goering Community Development Fund, and the Sher Klassen Neufeld Endowment Fund support charitable activities that are designed to primarily benefit organizations and/or residents that reside in North Newton. Eligible activities include project/programs or financing that are designed to lessen the burden of the North Newton City Government such as property tax reduction; improvement of the quality of life in North Newton; enhancement of community well-being through expansion of educational opportunities and cultural enrichment; improvement of human health and the physical environment; park, playground and open space land acquisition or improvements; extension of hiking and biking trails; historic preservation activities; and local archaeological investigations. Grant awards from the funds are made by the North Newton City Council following consideration of the recommendations of the North Newton Community Foundation Board of Directors. The North Newton Kids Endowment Fund supports charitable activities that enhance the well-being of young people 18 years of age or less and living in North Newton.

Proposals should be consistent with, and supportive of, the NNCF Mission Statement; be deemed to effectively address a perceived social or economic issue directly related to community well-being; contain innovative features with potential to attract local interest; and, demonstrate that benefits are expected to accrue largely to North Newton residents.

Qualified applicants must possess a 501(c)(3) status under the Internal Revenue Service code, be exempt under statute (i.e. educational institution, church, a city or county), or be formally linked to an organization with such designation. Management of the organization should be in the hands of reliable, ethical, and experienced personnel. If the organization was funded in the previous year they MUST submit a follow-up report. Grants may not be awarded retroactively for project/programs. Please ensure that the project/program will not occur until after grants are estimated to be made. If the project/program has already happened or will happen prior to when grants will be made, it is not eligible. The project/program must be completed by January 31, 2019, unless other considerations are shared prior to project/program completion.

All submissions are subject to the process, procedures, and rules of both the North Newton Community Foundation and Central Kansas Community Foundation.

During review by the NNCF Grant Selection Committee, additional information may be requested for clarification.

Applicants will be notified of their award status. Recipients will be announced at the North Newton Community Foundation Awards Ceremony, TBD. A representative of those who have been awarded grants should be present to accept the award if awarded.

If you have questions or need further information, please contact:

Jennifer Vogts, NNCF Grant Selection Committee Chair

Brenda Sooter, CKCF Program Officer – Grants

Additional information on the grant selection process may be posted at


The North Newton Community Foundation was legally established December 1, 2011.


The NNCF originated in discussions in the office of John Torline, North Newton City Administrator, during the summer of 2011. John, based on his extensive experience with the Central Kansas Community Foundation (CKCF), emphasized the flexibility of the CF concept to  accommodate diverse philanthropic interests of community members.    Valuable advice and encouragement during this formative period was provided by Sandi Fruit, then Executive Director of the CKCF.  The NNCF, as a subsidiary of the Central Kansas Community Foundation, has continued to benefit from the legal oversight, administrative support and technical assistance from CKCF staff.


The mission statement of the NNCF emerged from thoughtful deliberations by the first Board of Directors:  “The North Newton Community Foundation supports efforts that enhance community well-being through the expansion of educational opportunities, cultural enrichment and the improvement of human health and the physical environment.” The Board was strongly influenced by the thinking of Andrew Carnegie, creator of the world’s largest foundation which bears his name, who noted that it should have the goal of doing “...real and permanent good in the world” and that it should “…create ladders on which the aspiring can rise.” Carnegie’s words continue to be foundational in the work of the foundation. It has been emphasized that contributions to the NNCF should be viewed as “investments in the well-being of the community”, not mere “donations to a particular cause.”


The first donation to the NNCF was a very thoughtful and exceedingly generous gift in 2011 of $5,000 from Sher Klassen Neufeld, then the North Newton City Clerk, and now deceased. Since that time other donors have come forward, from corporations, private individuals, and from individuals in a variety of amounts. Several have made multiple gifts. A major benefactor has been the City of North Newton, with annual grants, to be matched dollar-for-dollar with contributions from other donors. The grants from the city were $5,000 in 2012 and $10,000 for each of the subsequent years. The asset base of the NNCF of the end of 2017 was about $186,000.

Below is a list of currently established funds:

  • North Newton Community Foundation Impact Fund
  • Jim and Shirley Goering Community Development Fund
  • Sher Klassen Neufeld Endowment Fund
  • Jacob D. and Beth E. Goering Charitable Fund
  • John G and Diana C. Torline Endowment for North Newton Fund
  • North Newton Community Foundation Operating Fund
  • North Newton Kids Endowed Fund


Grant funds available to the NNCF for annual distribution to approved beneficiaries derive from earnings of the financial assets of the foundation. Under current arrangements with the CKCF, the annual amount available to the NNCF, from each composite fund with a year-end balance in excess of $10,000, is equal to 5% of the fund’s value. Grants to beneficiaries from the NNCF are made on the basis of a competitive grant application process, with applications evaluated by a task force composed of NNCF Board members and members of the community at large. NNCF Board recommendations for grants from all endowed funds are reviewed and approved by the North Newton City Council. The total value of these grants and the number of beneficiaries have grown steadily over the past years of NNCF operations.

Award Recipients 2013
Total: $1,696

Award Recipients 2014
Total: $2,537

Award Recipients 2015
Total: $4,945

Award Recipients 2016
Total: $7,392

Award Recipients 2017
Total: $7,800

I want to thank you and the NNCF for your generosity and community support of the Bethel Bridge program and our food packaging event. I was overwhelmed [at the recent Awards Ceremony] with the positive reports of so many wonderful organizations that strive to make our community…the best and productive that it can be.” Matt Hein, Associate Director of Development, Bethel College.



To learn more about NNCF, contact any Board member, NNCF Board Chair, Kurt Friesen at, or Angie Tatro, CKCF Executive Director, at or 316-283-5474.


  • Ron Braun
  • Byron Ediger
  • Kurt Friesen – Chair
  • Jim Goering
  • Pat Redding – Vice Chair
  • Kaye Penner
  • Jennifer Vogts

On behalf of our NNCF Board, please accept our heartfelt thanks for your generous support.

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Last updated on January 22, 2018.