Burrton Community Foundation

In November 2023 the Burrton Community Foundation was formed to facilitate “Building Burrton Together” as a way to provide charitable grants for the community, scholarships for students and teachers, and improvements to the town.

Advisory Board of Directors

Joni Embree-Meinders, Secretary
Beth Ann Kingsley, Chair
Carol Kirk
Karl Matlack
Greg Robinson
Emily VinZant, Treasurer

Foundation Funds

  • Burrton CF Operating Fund
  • Burrton CF Impact Fund
  • Community Response Fund
  • Community Pride Resilience (CPR) Fund


Grants & Scholarship Information

CKCF Grants Page          CKCF Scholarships Page

CKCF encourages grant recipients to share the Burrton Community Foundation logo on any public event materials. This logo can be used on your organization’s website, social media accounts or event printed materials.


Contact the Burrton Community Foundation

Beth Ann Kingsley, BCF Chair
(316) 284-3886

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