Fredonia Area Community Foundation

The Fredonia Area Community Foundation became an affiliate of Central Kansas Community Foundation in April 2012. This local foundation will begin its mission to build endowment for the area of Fredonia, Kansas by creating a Fredonia Area Community Impact Fund. This fund will be used for charitable interests in the Fredonia Area. Each year, the earnings and income from this endowment will be available for distribution for local need, programs and services that qualify. Now in existence individuals, families and businesses can create named funds, coordinate estate plans, contribute in memoriam and honorarium; all in an effort to strengthen and build the Fredonia Area.

Following a 2014 Vision Retreat FACF established the following Mission and Vision.

  • The VISION of the Fredonia Area Community Foundation is to be an ideal community in an environment of hope in which to live, work, and play.
  • The MISSION of the Fredonia Area Community Foundation is to create a more vibrant future for generations to come by enhancing the quality of life through community-wide charitable initiatives.

Advisory Board of Directors

John Chenoweth, Chair
Beverly Tipton, Vice Chair
Chad Estes, Treasurer
Hannah Marinakes, Secretary
Miranda Dinkel
Beth Ann Falstad
Ashleigh Hall
Jen McKenney
Lacey Spohn
Brett Thornton

Grant History


Grants & Scholarship Information

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CKCF encourages grant recipients to share the Fredonia Area Community Foundation logo on any public event materials. This logo can be used on your organization’s website, social media accounts or event printed materials.


Contact the Fredonia Area Community Foundation

Kelly Azevedo, Associate Director, FACF
(620) 218-9231
PO Box 97
Fredonia, KS 66736

John Chenoweth, FACF Chair
(620) 378-4444

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