Policies and Procedures

Tax Identification Number

Central Kansas Community Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt charitable organization.

Our Tax ID Number is 48-1221368


General Policies

Privacy & Confidentiality Policies

The Foundation highly values the privacy of our donors, charitable agencies and website users. See the CKCF Privacy Policy and the CKCF Confidentiality Policy for information regarding how we ensure your rights and privacy.

Multi-Media Policy

The CKCF Multi-Media Policy governs the publication of and commentary on multimedia by employees, Board members, contractors and volunteers of the Foundation. Multi-Media Consent Forms are available online or as a printable PDF. Use this form if you are an adult, parent or guardian of a minor, or institutional representative to allow CKCF to use your photos, images, or interviews in our marketing materials for promotional purposes.

Nondiscrimination/Diversity Policy

The Central Kansas Community Foundation adheres to nondiscrimination policy and practices that encompasses diversity, including but is not limited to, ethnicity, race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic circumstance, physical and mental abilities and characteristics, and philosophy. See the CKCF Nondiscrimination/Diversity Policy for more information.

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