2017 Scholarship Cycle

Scholarship Verification

A verification document is required to process your scholarship award for the fall and spring semesters to the College/University. The scholarship award check cannot be issued until this information is received. Complete the form using the link below.

Scholarship Verification Form

Online Scholarship Search

Online Application Instructions        Click here to search available scholarships

CKCF Scholarship Resources

Tips for A Successful Scholarship Application
Application Tutorial

Consent Forms

Photo / Interview Consent Form
Minor Photo / Interview Consent Form

Policy and Procedures

Due Diligence Policy (Grants and Scholarships PandP)

Additional Scholarship Resources

What’s In Outdoors Scholarship
Free Application for Federal Student Aid
7 Steps to Filling Out the FAFSA
UNIGO Scholarships

Contact the Scholarship Program Officer

Kristie Diller, Program Officer – Scholarships