Scholarship Verification Form

In order for Central Kansas Community Foundation to process your scholarship award, complete the Scholarship Verification Form (Fall 2022). Your scholarship check will be made payable and mailed to the school you will be attending.

Consent Forms

Please complete a Multi-Media Consent Form if you are an adult, parent or guardian of a minor, or institutional representative to allow CKCF to use your photos, images, or interviews in our marketing materials for promotional purposes. Find the Multi-Media Consent Form and other policy materials on CKCF’s Policies and Procedures page.

Additional Scholarship Resources

This is not an inclusive list of resources nor does our listing of these denote any partnership or validation of the resource. It is merely an example of sources to help you explore other scholarship opportunities you may be eligible for.

Staff Contact

Kristie Diller, Program Director – Grants & Scholarships
(316) 283-5474