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“Building Stronger Communities Through Charitable Giving”

Central Kansas Community Foundation is proud to serve as “host” foundation to 19 central Kansas affiliate foundations.

For information about how your community might be served through our affiliate network, contact Central Kansas Community Foundation CEO Angie Tatro at (316) 283-5474 or angie@centralkansascf.org. CKCF is located at 400 S. Main, Suite 100, Newton, KS 67114.

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Affiliated Funds

Together we can accomplish great things…

The Central Kansas Community Foundation provides affiliate services to communities across Central Kansas. The opportunity to affiliate with CKCF provides smaller communities the ability to create and manage their own community foundation and to offer the same services normally available only through larger foundations. Affiliate foundations are locally led, locally governed and directed towards local needs while under the umbrella of the host foundation governance and fiduciary leadership.

An affiliate foundation offers a permanent, steady, and secure source of grant making that addresses current and future community needs. Each affiliate foundation is overseen by a committee of local leaders who educate their friends and neighbors about the value of giving back to the community and oversee the grant making process in their community. Many affiliate foundations are also serving in are of community convener and providing leadership on numerous fronts of community improvement.

As a component of the Central Kansas Community Foundation, the affiliate benefits from “turn-key” operations. The staff of CKCF handles the administrative details of establishing the fund memorandums, investing them and administrating the grant and scholarship administration as appropriate. Because fund shares in the costs, administrative expenses are held to a bare minimum. The host assesses the admin fee to provide the back-office support for the Host-Affiliate service model.

There are many benefits to affiliate funds:

Affiliated funds gain access to the Central Kansas Community Foundation’s tax exempt 501(c)(3) status, making gifts to the local fund fully tax deductible. CKCF issues charitable receipts to all donors at any level which conforms beyond the IRS standard for gifts of $250 or more.

The Central Kansas Community Foundation is recognized nationally by the Council on Foundations as having met “National Standards.” This assures the public, our donors and our affiliate partners that we operate and manage our foundation at the highest level of responsibility and integrity. Each affiliate agrees to adhere to the same policies and procedures and thereby can acknowledge locally that they, too, have met “National Standards.”

A local affiliate advisory board makes recommendations for the local affiliate operations including how unrestricted funds in their service area are granted, establishes partnerships with other local leaders for greater community good on issues relevant locally, and works closely with donors in their community to steward established funds while also cultivating annual giving and planned gifts. Local recommendations and decisions for operation, while overseen by the host foundation, are honored unless there exists concern for placing the host organization’s 501 (c)(3) status in jeopardy or other reputation, or legal action poses a threat. Staff and CKCF Board of Directors work diligently to provide guidance and recommendation for conducting business of the affiliate foundation in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations and rules, and further, adhering to National Standards.

No need to file for separate tax-exempt status, no need to spend months drafting bylaws and policies. Your local community affiliate advisor board can begin immediately doing what it does best – educating the community about the value of giving back.

Affiliated funds have access to CKCF’s financial and administrative services. The foundation accepts responsibility for the day-to-day financial activities, including recording contributions; making disbursements; cash management; preparing and filing IRS Form 990; obtaining an audit of financial statements by an independent CPA firm, and issuing the fund’s financial reports. Our current accounting system provides 24/7 online access to you and your fund managers through Foundant Technology’s program, CSuite for Community Foundations. Go online anytime and review your fund balances, investment earnings, gifts received, or grants disbursed. Quarterly statements are available and can be printed and viewed anytime through your online access.

The Foundation can pool endowment funds for investment purposes, thereby providing the benefits of a balanced portfolio, diversification, appreciation, lower management costs and potentially higher returns. Pooling resources with the foundation is almost always the most efficient choice. With sizable funds, donors may make arrangements for their own independent investment manager. Such arrangements must first be approved by the CKCF Finance Committee and must adhere to the existing investment policies of the Central Kansas Community Foundation.

CKCF marketing materials are available to affiliated funds at minimal or no charge. Sample, template, or customized materials, donor letters, brochures, and other communications can all be provided. The Foundation maintains a website. Affiliate foundations are provided a page on the host website page that permits a direct link to content specific to the affiliate and their funds.

CKCF staff and board members have expertise in community development, strategic planning, planned giving, grant writing and fundraising. They are available for consultation to affiliates to assist in organization and start-up, strategic planning and advising on fundraising initiatives. A variety of programs are available for presentation to your local civic clubs and organizations: the value of community endowments, the transfer of wealth and what it can mean to your community; basic estate planning; women and philanthropy.

The Central Kansas Community Foundation makes initial consultancy services available to those individuals interested in completing personal estate plans and learning more about the charitable components of such planning. There is no charge to affiliates or potential donors for this professional service. Referral to estate planning attorney’s is also available if donors are not yet working with one.

Steps to Affiliation

1. Assemble a group of community-minded citizens to serve as the local governing board for your affiliated community fund.

2. This local group first agrees to affiliate with the Central Kansas Community Foundation, reviews, and then signs the Affiliate Agreement.

3. Fundraising begins to collect the initial dollars needed to create the unrestricted fund for local grant making.

4. Typically, funds are available for the first round of community grant-making 12-24 months after formation of the fund.