Available Grants

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Each competitive grant cycle is unique and specific to the geographic area served by the CKCF or one of their affiliate foundations. Be sure to look at the application closely for qualifiers related to the availability of funds, including the type of grant and its category of purpose.

If you would like to work with a word .doc version of the application, please send your request to Brenda Sooter, Program Officer – Grants email by Clicking Here.

General Grants Calendar       Guidelines for Application

Top 10 Guidelines in Writing a Grant

Please note dates are subject to change so watch carefully when application opens.

Grant Follow-Up Forms

2016 Grant Follow-Up Forms
2017 Grant Follow-Up Forms

Consent Forms

Photo / Interview Consent Form
Minor Photo / Interview Consent Form

Grant Resources

Kansas Information for Communities
Census Reports – QuickFacts link
Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Bureau of Labor Statistics
State Master
KU Institute for Policy and Social Research

Diversity in Grantmaking

Our grant making may include but is not limited to:

□ Capacity Building        □ Capital      □ General Operating Support          □ New Project/Program
□ Existing Project/Program

□ Arts & Culture          □ Community Preservation & Revitalization  □ Emergency/Disaster Needs
□ Health & Human Services    □ Science & Education  □ Animal Welfare
□ Other:________________

Contact the Grants Program Officer

Brenda Sooter, Program Officer – Grants