Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse Policy

Any form of harassment, including sexual harassment, is prohibited. Employees, volunteers, board or committee members, fund advisors, contractors/vendors who feel they are targets of sexual harassment should report the incident immediately to their immediate supervisor or management at the Foundation. If the supervisor is the offending individual, the employee should report the incident to the CEO. In the event of the CEO being the alleged harasser, the Chairman of the Board should be contacted.

All allegations will be fully investigated. Any Employee of Central Kansas Community Foundation who is found to have engaged in prohibited harassment is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge from employment. Allegations of violation of this policy by CKCF volunteers shall also be investigated.

Sexual Harassment: Sexual harassment, may include unwelcome sexual advances, conduct or other physical or verbal acts of a sexual nature, which occur in the workplace.

The following conduct is generally considered sexual harassment:

  • Direct sexual conduct – an employer makes sexual advances or statements
  • “Quid pro-quo” – job-related benefits are offered in exchange for sexual conduct
  • “Hostile work environment – an employer maintains an overtly sexual work environment

The Foundation is committed to providing a positive and productive working environment, free from discrimination on the basis of sex, including sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment shall not be tolerated in our corporate office in Newton, or in any of our affiliate locations, or settings during events or activities hosted by CKCF. Sexual harassment involving any employee, volunteer, board or committee member, fund advisor, contractor/vendor of the Foundation with any charity, donor, vendor, or any other business contact with the Foundation is strictly prohibited.