Child Safety Policy

The Foundation wants a safe environment for all persons and because youth are more vulnerable, CKCF has instituted a Child Safety Policy which all employees and volunteers are required to review and accept. For purposes of this policy “children” or “youth” are persons under the age of 18, terms may be used interchangeably.


Central Kansas Community Foundation (CKCF) strives to provide a safe environment for all participants. This includes providing safe locations for events and practices, and safe conduct of all staff and volunteers associated with our programs. For the safety of all participants, including children, CKCF has adopted the following set of safety policies and procedures:

  1. Applications will be taken and background checks conducted on all employment and many volunteer positions. Employees/Applicants/Volunteers/Fund Advisors/Affiliated Parties will be required to provide:
    • A signed release consenting to the verification of the information provided on the application and a search of criminal history and sexual offender registry records.
    • A statement verifying the applicant’s understanding that the falsification of information is grounds for termination of service as an employee or volunteer and/or disqualification.
  2. Expectations of employees, volunteers and fund advisors.
    • All employees, volunteers, fund advisors and other affiliated parties are expected to adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct in the performance of their duties with CKCF and ensure that the public’s trust is not violated.
    • The following risk management guidelines are presented to help reduce compromising situations:
      • It is recommended that volunteers/employees/fund advisors/affiliated parties avoid one-on-one situations with a child, without another adult present.
      • It is recommended that at least two adults be present for all events in which children participate.
      • Private transportation of a child is not allowed in a vehicle unless it is an emergency situation.
      • Do not provide any sexually inappropriate materials to minors, discuss personal sexual experiences, or use sexually explicit or vulgar language.
      • Do not supply or condone the use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs by minors. Do not use alcohol or illegal substances while working with minors.
      • In case of emergency, call 911 and notify CKCF management.
    • Never leave a child unattended following an activity. All children must be supervised until their parent, guardian or the designated individual has picked them up from the site of the CKCF activity.

This policy is to emphasize CKCF’s strong commitment to child safety and establishing and maintaining child safety and child-friendly environments.

All children who come to CKCF events have a right to feel and be safe. CKCF is committed to the safety and well-being of all children using our services.

CKCF uses care in the recruitment and screening of employees and volunteers. CKCF interviews all employees and volunteers and requires criminal history reports for prescribed positions.

CKCF will not tolerate incidents of child abuse. Abuse and neglect include:

  • Physical abuse – when a person purposefully injures or threatens to injure a child.
  • Sexual abuse – any sexual act or sexual threat imposed on a child.
  • Neglect – where a child is harmed by the failure to provide basic necessities.

Employees and volunteers will notify authorities as soon as practicable if they have reasonable suspicion that a child has been or is being abused or neglected.

Child Specific Events

  • The Foundation will require Criminal Background Checks for volunteers and staff working with youth specific activities hosted by the Foundation and any of its Affiliates.
  • As a staff/volunteer/fund advisor/affiliated party of an affiliate foundation, I understand if we wish to host a youth involved event the volunteers that work that event will be required to have a background check.
  • It is further understood that depending on the nature of a youth specific event there may be additional requirements from our host foundation and the insurance company so planning in advance for events and activities is understood, and there may be additional expense to these requirements.
  • As with all events, an event form is to be completed ideally 90 days in advance of the scheduled event or activity so that full arrangements can be put into place.
  • The Foundation will not host overnight events or activities.

It shall be a violation of this policy for any volunteer, employee, fund advisor, or third party (visitor, vendor, etc.) to sexually harass any volunteer, employee, or other individual at a Foundation worksite, or attending a Foundation hosted event.

The Foundation encourages all complainants of sexual harassment and persons with knowledge of such harassment to report the harassment immediately. The Foundation will promptly investigate all complaints of sexual harassment and take prompt corrective action to end the harassment.

Any Foundation staff, volunteer, fund advisor or affiliated party who receives a complaint of sexual harassment from a youth shall inform the youth of the employee’s/volunteer’s obligation to report the complaint to the Foundation’s Management. Immediately contact the CEO and if she/he cannot be reached, extend the contact to the Board Chair.

When a complaint contains what is believed to be of criminal activity or child abuse, the Foundation shall report such conduct to the appropriate law enforcement or Department for Children and Families (DCF) authorities. To the extent possible, confidentiality will be maintained throughout the investigation of a complaint.