Policy on Non-Owned Auto

Employees and volunteers may drive their own personal vehicles while conducting Central Kansas Community Foundation business, if authorized by your supervisor, and Volunteers for activities authorized as Foundation events or activities. Employees and Volunteers must maintain adequate personal automobile liability insurance.

For approved travel, Employees and Volunteers may submit an expense report detailing the number of miles driven on organization business, typically at the end of each month for approved travel. The organization will pay mileage reimbursement in accordance with applicable reimbursement rates of the federal government. Employees and Volunteers are expected to observe all policies while on organization business, even if driving their own personal vehicles. (travel to and from work and meetings is not reimbursed).

Employees and Volunteers must possess a current, valid Kansas driver’s license, an acceptable driving record and adequate auto liability insurance. Any change in license status or occurrence of a serious driving offense must be reported to management immediately.

Additionally, any traffic violation occurrences at the fault of the employee or volunteer are their responsibility to handle, even if they obtained the violation while on the clock, which includes speeding tickets, parking violations or any other vehicular obstruction.

Volunteers shall never rent or lease a vehicle in the name of the Foundation at any time. The Foundation does carry a Non-Owned Auto Policy for your protection.