Brad Wells

Brad Wells was a well known businessman in the Newton Community.

Brad Wells, along with Frank Spangler, Dick Alumbaugh, Tom Adrian and others, was among the original founders of what is now known as the Central Kansas Community Foundation. Brad shared a vision of what a strong, local charitable foundation could mean to the community. He stepped up to make the first large commitment to ensure the future of the foundation. He and his wife Mary Jean created a “charitable lead trust” and that trust —–for fifteen years —–has contributed more than $1,000,000 to local charities. The original trust terminated and the assets reverted back to family in 2011, but the Wells family also had the vision to use part of the earnings from the Lead Trust each year to create a Wells Family Endowment at the community foundation. This endowment will continue making gifts to the Newton community in perpetuity.

Wells son Lyndy, now living in Wichita, has noted that his dad would be very proud of where the Central Kansas Community Foundation is today.

Brad and Mary Jean Wells understood the value of leaving a legacy and their family stands as an example of the value of giving something back to the community they loved.