Growing Your Foundation


Growing your foundation’s endowment by introducing philanthropic options with potential donors. This does not equal asking for money.

  • Tell stories of gifts in your community: grants made; donor
    dreams realized.
  • “Brand” events with your foundation name as appropriate.
  • Make a big deal out of awards ceremonies!
  • Provide materials to potential donors, both written and online.
  • Utilize CKCF Staff to support donor relationships and provide resources for potentials gifts.
  • We have a shared role in building relationships.

Don’t underestimate your circle of influence!! Share your story. Share a funds impact. Share a donor’s legacy. These are all gateways to opening a conversation that when right, leads to others wanting to learn more. Giving takes time. Don’t worry about asking for money, share a story!!

Nurture philanthropy in the local community by planning to tell local stories of philanthropy (not to fund raise). Be intentional and discuss ideas at your annual strategic planning . Here are some ideas:

  • Be ready to share a story about philanthropy in your community with a clear explanation about what a community foundation is.
  • Invite friends to coffee or ice cream for informal conversations about your foundation
  • Visit local reading clubs to share the work being done by your foundation
  • Have lunch at the local senior center
  • Share news and announcements at civic clubs and church groups
  • Keep your Affiliate webpage up to date. Send CKCF office updates in the form of an attached Word document and it will be updated!