Growing Your Foundation


One of the main responsibilities of affiliate board members is to grow your community foundation endowments. This is not the same as asking for money, but rather simply telling stories and introducing local options to potential donors. This is also a different from holding fund raisers which we often find take a lot of board energy and time with minimal return.

In addition to the resources linked below, here are some ideas for approaching potential donors within your circle of influence:

  • How to talk to (potential) donors
  • Share the story of a donor in your community in a way that highlights the satisfaction of leaving a legacy for generations to come. Better yet, share your own story!
  • Be ready to talk about grants your Impact Fund has recently given. This can be as simple as planning to answer the casual “what’s new” question with, “Well our community foundation just funded….” Scholarship Awards and grants made from Donor Advised funds (with permission of donor) also make great stories.
  • Make a plan to present a short talk at the local Senior Center, visit with a friend over coffee, or introduce your community foundation to a social club or church group. Again, plan to simply share a few stories of donors and/or grants and introduce philanthropic options available through the foundation.
  • Utilize CKCF Staff to support donor relationships and provide resources for potential gifts. We have a shared role in building relationships.
  • Provide written materials to potential donors, direct them online for more information. Be sure your affiliate webpage is up to date. (Update your page by sending a Word document to Angie with updates for your page and an appropriate photo.)