Affiliate Marketing Packs

CKCF, and Community Creative Services in Newton, KS have worked to develop customizable marketing packs that are available to all affiliates.


We currently have three marketing packs available to choose from (Click the links to preview what is available in each marketing pack and how to start customizing):


Each of these marketing packs are customizable to your affiliate foundation, including:

  • Color Scheme
  • Affiliate Logo
  • QR Code
  • Dates/Times/Locations
  • Event & Fund Descriptions
  • Award Names/Types
  • Contact Information
  • Fine Print/Disclaimers


What exactly am I getting?

You will receive digital files of each requested document that is fully customized to your liking and ready for print.  These digital files can be dispersed via email or social media, or you can print them in-house or send to a professional print shop (Printing services are also available through Community Creative Services for an additional charge if that is most convenient for your affiliate foundation).

You do not have to customize all formats in a pack, you may pick and choose from each pack or request a different size that is not included if desired.


What does it cost?

CKCF made the initial investment to have the marketing packs created, each affiliate only needs to pay for the customization of each piece.  The customization work will be directly billed to the affiliate foundation by Community Creative Services.  You can expect customization costs of approximately $150 for each marketing pack.  Customization fees are based on time it takes to complete, so additional edits, corrections, formats, or sizes will likely increase your level of investment.

Community Creative Services is one of our contract partners, so they are familiar with the normal CKCF approval processes, required verbiage, affiliate logos, and billing procedures.


How do I request customization?

To have the marketing packs customized for your affiliate foundation, you will directly contact Andrea Braker at Community Creative Services.  On each marketing pack details page, there is a link to an online form that will send your request, affiliate name, and contact information directly to Andrea and her staff.

The preferred method of contact is through the online form, but you may also reach out to Andrea using the contact information below.

If you have general questions about these resources CKCF is providing or would like to have ideas on how best to utilize them, please contact Becky Nickel, CKCF Affiliate Liaison.


Community Creative Services
Andrea Braker |
301 N. Main St. | Suite 108 | Newton, KS
316-516-3677 |

Ready to get started?

Click the package you are interested in to preview each customizable marketing pack, including your customization options and instructions on how to get the process going!