CKCF Hosts Affiliates for 2018 Affiliate Summit

The 2018 CKCF Affiliate Summit truly placed the power for community change and foundational growth in the hands of our affiliate organizations.

The foundation experienced a very successful year in 2017. Foundati

on grants funded 138 programs with a total impact of $184,553. The need was far greater, in the amount of nearly $500,000. $313,614 in grant requests were not funded. CKCF awarded 110 scholarships in the amount of $108,933. Several new accounting procedures and foundation policies were implemented to continue to operate within National Standards and industry best practices.

A general tone of a relational focus was sprinkled throughout the Summit. The Central Kansas network of foundations has a tremendous opportunity and responsibility for shining the light on needs, while also engaging donors with charitable intentions. Partnerships and alliances are growing stronger in our region, demonstrating the strength of rural Kansas and that it has citizens who wish for a better tomorrow for future generations.

Consultant Terry Woodbury empowered and encouraged foundations to bring together the Education, Government, Business and Social Service sectors to impact change within the communities served by affiliates. It is only through partnerships between

these sectors that meaningful change and community growth can happen. His hands-on small group exercises encouraged participants to listen to the needs in the communities, to identify and evaluate the strengths of each sector in the group and come up with ideas to solve a communal problem they each individually identified. He partnered participants with individuals form other communities as a means of building support and accountability. This “buddy” relationship will be in place for this coming year!

Ashley Bridgeman with the Bridgeman Group continued the momentum by discussing

how affiliate foundation volunteers can use integrated marketing and fund development to achieve their strategic goals and increase their community impact. The power of the affiliate organization lies in the creativity of its planning, which is becoming increasingly more important as we move to a more developmental approach to build community endowment. Development is the idea that we create and hold onto relationships with potential donors through meaningful outreach and interactions, with a goal of philanthropy. A good integrated marketing plan supports a strong development plan. In the coming months this will be integrated into board discussions as plans are designed for local needs and goals.

As we move forward, CKCF will partner with each affiliate organization to identify high level goals and put a development plan in place to have a guide to create relationships, grow funds, increase giving and emerge as recognized community leaders.