Valley Center CF Raises $500,000 for Library

In The News

CLICK HERE to read the article that appeared in the Ark Valley: The News publication.


The Valley Center Community Foundation (VCCF) and affiliate of Central Kansas Community Foundation (CKCF) could not be more proud than to be a part of the community dream for building a new community center that includes an updated Library.

The VCCF established a Fund for the Friends of the Valley Center Library to hold contributions for this project, beginning in 2014. “The opportunity to hold funds for a cooperative community project like this is a wonderful example of how larger projects can be achieved when a public, private partnership is established”, said Angie Tatro, CKCF Executive Director.

Today VCCF is publicly presenting the Friends of the Valley Center Library with a distribution of over $500,000 for this project. The Foundation was a great partner in this project as their array of giving services for donors wishing to invest in this project allowed not only cash gifts but also gifts of stock and IRA rollovers. Donors that might not have given, gave in a variety of ways. The foundation gives tremendous credit to the generosity of the Valley Center community. Gifts small and large made this project happen.

Janice Sharp, Director, of the Valley Center Library went on to share, “Our association with the Foundation enabled the Friends to concentrate on fundraising rather than on the placement of our funds for maximum growth.  Our Friends also benefited from a grant awarded from Menocause: Ignite Valley Center.” The future looks bright as the library is “The Place to Discover, Connect and Escape,”

The Community Center and Library are great examples of building stronger communities. Yet there is always more to do for our community. The Foundation is poised to assist not only with special projects like the library but also provides service in setting up and managing Donor Advised Funds, Scholarship Funds, Agency Funds and others charitable vehicles that benefit your community. Local Board Members include Spike Anderson, Chair; Tom Bartel; Mike Bonner; Howard Botts; Jerry Hawkins, Jodi Kirkland, Mike Porter; Trisha Schmidt; Katrina Rubenich, Secretary; and Anita Tideman.

If you want to get involved or inquire about ways to give or receive, contact Angie Tatro at 316-283-5474 or for general information about the new Library, contact Janice Sharp, Director, at 316-755-7350.