The Three Parts of Victory

There is a lot we can learn from the power of training for a triathlon. To win, a competitor must be an excellent swimmer, bicyclist and runner. The athlete must master not only these stages of the race but also the transitions between these disciplines.

In life, we all have a finish line, we just never know when we will cross it. A triathlete’s goal is to cross the finish line first. However, we don’t have to finish first to have a successful future. Everyone has the power to win.

While a triathlete can be finely tuned and train for life, he or she may still only come in second place. Unlike the triathlete, we don’t have to train, and there are no sacrificial diets or exercise regimens. The cost for having an estate plan is minimal compared to the investment a triathlete makes, but the rewards are remarkable.


Like the triathlete, the first step in estate planning is always the most difficult: Starting. To help you begin and even give you a head start, we have free tools that make getting started easy. Once you have them and use them, you have already completed step two—preparation.

You are 2/3 of the way to victory! The final step is easiest—completion. It comes when your attorney combines your preparation into a solid, thoughtful plan that follows and preserves your wishes. What could be easier or more rewarding than that? Call or email us and ask us for our free, no-obligation tools we have for you.