GROW II Main Focus of CKCF Affiliate Summit

The impact of the GROW II matching grants has brought tremendous awareness and growth for those served by the Central Kansas Community Foundation (CKCF).  Building stronger communities through charitable giving was front and center at the recent annual Affiliate Summit this past week hosted at the Kansas Learning Center for Health, Halstead, Kansas.

The Kansas Health Foundation (KHF) GROW II matching grant program is about improving the lives of Kansans through both healthier people and stronger communities. It was designed to increase philanthropy in Kansas, to improve the health of Kansas children and to develop a network of local partners, including Foundations like CKCF.

CKCF Executive Director Angie Tatro reported the Foundation has grown from $8 Million under assets to $18.8 Million under assets since the award in 2011. She attributes the growth largely to the awareness generated from the matching grant opportunity.

Specifically, the CKCF and its affiliates, Halstead, Hesston, Peabody, Hillsboro and Butler County, raised more than $6 Million in eligible match during the grant, and Kansas Health Foundation then matched more than $1.7 Million for health initiatives in Kansas and Halstead still has a chance through the remainder of 2017 to meet their match.

Halstead Community Foundation was awarded in 2012 a $300,000 matching grant from KHF, to date they have approximately $120,000 in remaining matching opportunity. Tatro said, “Halstead is a community like all of ours that will benefit greatly by fulfilling this match opportunity.” In all participating GROW II communities a KHF Public Health Fund and a Foundation Operations Endowment are established by the matching funds.

Grant recipients are funding grants for playgrounds for kids to get exercise, better access to healthcare through clinics in rural areas and emergency kits with supplies for use by law enforcement during a crisis.

“Back in 2012 the Hesston EMT applied for a $250 grant to develop an emergency kit, complete with medical supplies, a tourniquet and keys to the school and other government buildings.” Susan Lamb, Hesston Community Foundation director shared. “During the Excel shooting February 25, 2016, the kit was employed and the tourniquet was used to save the life of at least one individual. This grant was funded through the KHF- Hesston Fund, established with matching funds.”

According to KHF President and CEO Steve Coen, GROW II has allowed the KHF to leverage more than $42 million across Kansas to meet the health needs of Kansans.

“When the Kansas Health Foundation started the Giving Resources to Our World (GROW) program in 1999, our goal was to help build the capacity of community foundations and encourage healthier communities,” said Coen.  “We are very proud of the Central Kansas Community Foundation (CKCF) and its affiliates who continue to grow their resources and help provide local grants for the unique, health needs of their residents.  We appreciate the generosity of individuals and families who give to the CKCF to support stronger, healthier communities across Kansas.”

If the health of Kansans is important to you, consider a donation to the Halstead Impact Fund, this fund will generate a 50% match, the highest available, for helping HCF meet their GROW II match opportunity. Please send your tax-deductible contribution to Halstead Community Foundation, P.O. Box 4, Halstead, KS 67056. If you have other interests for your charitable contributions, please contact CKCF at 316-283-5474 or

Pictured above L to R: Tim Hodge, CKCF Chair; Angie Tatro, CKCF Executive Director; JaLayna Carmichael, Halstead Director; Becky Nickel, Peabody Admin Assistant; Cynthia Fleming, Hillsboro Director; Susan Lamb, Hesston Director; Steve Coen, President and CEO Kansas Health Foundation.

About the Halstead Community Foundation (HCF)

The Halstead Community Foundation became an affiliate member of the Central Kansas Community Foundation in December 2010. Their mission is to enhance community well-being through expansion of educational opportunities, cultural enrichment, and improvement of human health and the physical environment. For more information please go to, .

About Central Kansas Community Foundation

Central Kansas Community Foundation mission is “Building Stronger Communities Through Charitable Giving.” Founded in 1995 Central Kansas Community Foundation based in Newton, Kansas is an intermediary between donors and charities, the community foundation helps donors establish funds that financially support meaningful, charitable programs and services in their community. Central Kansas Community Foundation also host numerous affiliate community foundations throughout Central Kansas.