Funding Gap Emerges in COVID-19 Relief Efforts

As COVID-19 languishes and governments are making decisions to reopen economies, the Foundation is actively working to support individuals and families affected in the communities we serve. Round 1 provided more than $31,000 in funding to local charities for food, sterilization equipment, telemedicine and operations. The Foundation is on track to give a little more than $20,000 in R2 funding.

Review committees have submitted reviews and everything is being put in place for Round 2 distributions next week. As recommendations are being made, funding gaps are becoming clear. As of April 30, we need help funding the following initiatives to help people in need during this time.

This includes food and cleaning and sanitation supplies.
Funding Gap: $45,550

This includes requests for PPE in various hospitals and care facilities.
Funding Gap: $53,868

This includes budget items necessary to continue operating during COVID-19.
Funding Gap: $22,695

This includes items necessary for distance learning and outreach to home-bound clientele.
Funding Gap:$20,462

Note: Only amounts from qualifying grant applications are included in these totals. These include finalized and reviewed applications. There are currently several applications that are unfinished, so we are far from seeing an end to the need.

Why give to the Foundation for COVID-19?

By giving to the Foundation, you are putting your trust in our knowledge and expertise to find the greatest needs in our communities. We are connected to more than 400 charities in Central Kansas, several serving people affected by COVID-19. Charitable organizations provide a direct link to hundreds, sometimes thousands of people seeking support. We trust them to identify needs related to COVID-19 and apply for grants for relief funding. Review teams in our communities with open funds review each grant application and make recommendations for funding. The process is sound and meets rigorous due diligence requirements.

We love charitable giving in all forms. If you are directly connected with a charity that is in need of financial support, we strongly encourage you to give directly to that charity during this time.