Competitive Grant and Scholarship Cycles and Awards


Competitive Grant Cycles and Awards

Competitive Scholarship Cycles and Awards

Your board gets to give money away through Grants and Scholarships and make a big deal about it. This is almost always done through a
competitive application process for both Scholarship and Grant funds.

For competitive grant cycles, funds are sourced from
Community Impact Funds and for some foundations,
the Kansas Health Foundation Funds.

With your board and CKCF staff together determine the timing for your affiliate‘s Grant and Scholarship Cycle.

Scholarship and Grant Selection Committees are formed from within your board

  • Typically a board member serves as Selection Committee Chair and works directly with CKCF staff.
  • Selection Committees are comprised of two board members and three community members-at-large

Grant recipients are selected in an objective scoring process through a software product called Community Force

The selection process is guided by CKCF’s Grants and Scholarships Program Officers

Scholarship and Grant Award Celebration tips:

Did you get your news release approved?

  • Create a Facebook event or at least a post
  • Prepare the scholarship or grant recipient to tell their story at the celebration and give recipients a couple minutes to speak about the project being funded through your grant award at the celebration
  • It is not entirely necessary to hand the recipient the actual award check at the celebration

A symbolic envelope or certificate will do the trick!

  • Use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to announce awards
  • Consider asking one of your current or past grant recipients to host your celebration at their facility.
  • Recognize the donor(s) who make grants and scholarships possible and tell their story (with their permission) to inspire others to get involved.