Board Leadership



CHAIRPERSON responsibilities & best practices

Prepare your agenda 7-5 days in advance of the meeting and, in coordination with the board Secretary, circulate the agenda to the board along with minutes from the last meeting and any documents that the board may be discussing. Copy the CKCF Affiliate Liaison and Executive Director on this email.

Follow Robert’s Rules Basics.

Lead the meetings, keep it moving and the discussion focused with a goal of completing the business in one hour.

  • Establish committees (they might be just two people) within the board to plan events or bring nominations for new members, for example. The board does not need to serve as “committee of the whole” when it will be more efficient to have a sub-committee bring a thoughtful recommendation.
  • Ask the Secretary to include any “assignments” made to individual board members in the minutes.
  • Table discussions until the next meeting as necessary.

Your Treasurer will generate reports, but the board chairperson should be familiar with the CKCF web-based financial reports; this involves a personal log-in for access.

Become familiar with the Distribution Recommendation Form as you will sign any personal reimbursements requested by board members for expenses incurred for your foundation, for example, for an event.

If your foundation has a staff person the chairperson will be copied on the submission of the timesheets and is required to approve expense report.

Event Planning – See Event Planning/Fundraising Policy & Procedures.

SECRETARY responsibilities and best practices

Take minutes at meetings and send them to the board within one week after the meeting, copying the CKCF Affiliate Liaison and Executive

  • Minutes should include a list of those present, board motions or ratifications on all expenditures, including grant recommendations, election of new board members/board officers, and plans for any events.
  • Anytime your board plans an event outside of a board meeting, complete and submit the CKCF Event Fundraising Form or 60 days prior to any event.
  • Track board member terms to prepare for recruiting new members.

Event Planning – See Event Planning/Fundraising Policy & Procedures.

TREASURER responsibilities and best practices

Become familiar with the CKCF web-based financial reports, this involves a personal log-in to access.

  • Monitor the affiliate funds.
  • Understand your Operating Fund and its uses. Maintain a balance that will cover anticipated costs for the next two-three years. As you grow, encourage donations to your operating fund.
  • When you make your financial reports for the board meeting, watch for donations and make sure each donor gets a hand-written thank you in addition to the gift acknowledgment letter CKCF sends.
  • Monitor grants awarded from your funds as a double check.
  • As treasurer, complete forms to accompany donations and ensure safe delivery of funds to CKCF office or designate this responsibility.

Click here for CKCF Accounting Procedures

BOARD MEMBER responsibilities and best practices