Board Member Responsibilities & Leadership Roles



  • Promote the Foundation in the local community via printed materials, media releases and newsletter articles, and possibly by sponsoring a local event or hosting occasional meet and greet events
  • Connect with fund advisors of funds under your affiliate, especially for annual Available to Spend reminders
  • Share stories about grant awards
  • Be available for conversations with current and potential donors, initiate conversations with donors as appropriate
  • Maintain an overall understanding of financial status of the affiliate, especially its Operating Fund
  • For more information on Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and Board Member responsibilities, visit Board Leadership Responsibilities & Best Practice


Building your board. Boards range from 5-11 members, including officers, and hold meetings at least quarterly on a consistent schedule. Click here for a comprehensive look at the Job Descriptions.

  • Strive for diversity of race, gender, age, talents, etc.
  • Seek representatives from government, educators, faith groups, and business sectors
  • Value of time are as much as a person’s capacity for financial contributions
  • Consider a person’s flexible schedule, interest in the community, and willingness to roll up their sleeves
  • Avoid “seat fillers”, “talking heads,” and “meeting attenders”

CKCF recommends that boards elect at least a chair and secretary/treasurer. See your affiliate’s policies and procedure agreement for details on board officers. Affiliates have some leeway: some boards have officers including vice chair and separate Secretary and Treasurer. General Help –if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Affiliate Liaison if you have questions.

The board should maintain a timeline that includes:

  • Board member term dates
  • Develop succession plan for officers.
  • An annual meeting date to elect officers, recognize outgoing members, and celebrate achievements of the year.
  • Dates of events such as grant/scholarship cycles, awards ceremonies, available to spend announcements, deadlines for available to spend, other annual activities
  • The date of your strategic planning meeting with CKCF staff or outside facilitation, a good practice is bi-annual.
  • Click here for an example of a Yearly Timeline – Hillsboro CF Year at a Glance


What is your annual meeting date? Click here to find out!