COVID-19 Grants Guidelines

Central Kansas Community Foundation (CKCF) launched a grant application at the end of March for charities seeking assistance due to new or heightened expenses from the COVID-19 pandemic.  CKCF anticipates that the grant application will remain open for the near future.  Therefore, organizations currently responding or looking toward recovery efforts are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Funding objectives:

  • Needs are emerging with each passing day, and CKCF and its affiliates are equipped to respond with charitable funding to support 1) Short-Term/Immediate needs , 2) Mid-Term Evaluation Period and 3) Long-Term Community Recovery and Resiliency.
  • We recognize that organizations have a variety of needs and CKCF is currently prioritizing grants that impact children, the elderly, persons who have disabilities and/or persons who need shelter and clothing, in addition to relieving the shortage of sanitation or medical supplies.
  • We understand that some grant requests may be for important funding shortfalls, however, at this time, CKCF is prioritizing the needs described above with keen consideration of the needs relationship to COVID-19.

To be eligible for consideration:

  • The organization must be experiencing a need for additional funds stemming directly from effects of COVID-19.
  • An application must be submitted online – CLICK HERE to apply for a 2020 Central Kansas Community Relief Fund Grant.

Additional grant information:

  • Funding for this application is sourced from the Central Kansas Community Relief Fund, Douglass Community Relief Fund, El Dorado Community Relief Fund, Hillsboro Relief Fund, Peabody Relief Fund, and the Valley Center Relief Fund, which includes public health dollars as well as private donations.
  • Within our regional service area, some of CKCF’s affiliate foundations have opened relief funds independent of the regional fund, yet the purpose of this grant application is to support effects and recovery efforts stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic across the entire CKCF service region (Butler County, Elk County, Harvey County, Marion County, Sedgwick County (Valley Center), and Wilson County).  We will work to ensure funding is procured from the appropriate relief fund(s).
  • The application and review process is ongoing and CKCF is just entering its fourth round of funding within the region.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email or my cell phone, listed below, if you have questions about this grant opportunity!  If your programs/service needs do not relate to COVID-19, be sure to see our other open grant applications.

Michelle Critchfield
(316) 217-1150 (cell)