COVID-19: Apply for a Relief Grant


CKCF affiliate foundations with funding remaining for COVID-19 relief efforts have assumed responsibility for distributing the funds to charities in need of support for their relief efforts. Please reach out to your local community foundation leadership to see if you qualify for funding in your community.

Charity Resources

PPP – Paycheck Protection Program – available for nonprofit organizations

Click here for PPP Information
US Department of Treasury PPP Website

COVID- 19 Charity Needs Assessment (03/17/20)

A needs assessment was sent to more than 400 charities in our service region to determine extent of need during the next 60 days. We plan to use this information to determine what kind of resources and how much additional funding is needed to continue serving vulnerable populations during this time and if it warrants our action in activating our emergency disaster funding plan. In addition, we will set up an online COVID-19 CHARITABLE NEEDS LIST to promote the needs of our organizations, as well as resources they may have to offer, through our online channels using the information the provide in the needs assessment.

Complete The COVID-19 Needs Assessment

Have Questions or Concerns?

Angie Tatro
Executive Director and Response Management
(316) 293-9451

Susan Lamb
PPREP Grant Coordinator and Affiliate Response
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Michelle Critchfield
Grants Officer and Charity Needs and Requests Coordinator
(316) 217-1150

Ashley Bridgeman
Communications Management
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