Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality Policy

The Central Kansas Community Foundation Board members, including affiliate board members; committee members; consultants and staff shall not engage in private discussions of or otherwise disclose to third-parties information regarding Foundation matters (except when engaged in the conduct of the proper business of the Foundation). All information that is not a matter of public record, or not otherwise authorized by the appropriate authority (i.e. the Board, a Committee of the Board, the Board Chair, the CEO) to be disclosed as public, shall be considered confidential.

General Considerations of Confidentiality:

  1. Personal statement of individual board, committee members, consultant or staff shall not be discussed outside of official Foundation meetings and processes. Likewise, the decisions of the Board, Committees, Consultancy Services or Employment of the Foundation shall not be disclosed without appropriate authorization.
  2. Content of Foundation business, including documents, reports, records, data, minutes or analysis of such materials performed by the Foundation, should not be discussed or shared outside of official meetings and processes. This includes information regarding donors, donations, pending grants, investments, contracts and agreements entered into by the Foundation, policies and processes of the Foundation, financial information and business records of the Foundation and the like.

Confidentiality of Donor Information: Except as required by law, the Foundation will not disclose information about a donor or a donor’s gift. However, unless otherwise requested by the donor, the Foundation may publish the names of individual donors and name of fund(s) in the Foundation’s Annual Report and other reported listings including social media platforms. In the case of memorial gifts, the Foundation will provide the names of donors to members of the immediate family unless the donor has requested anonymity. The Foundation will not disclose the specific amount of any gift without the donor’s consent. However, donors may be listed with their gift within a range or levels of giving in certain promotional and campaign situations. The Foundation may accept anonymous gifts and will honor disclosure. Specific gift details regarding estate gifts will be made as situations arise.

Confidentiality with respect to Grant Applicants and Grantees: The Foundation may disclose the identity of organizational grant applicants. However, financial and personal information that applicants submit to it will be protected with confidentiality. This includes information provided by applicants for grants to individuals such as scholarships and hardship assistance. Except in the case of hardship assistance grants to individuals, the Foundation will generally disclose the identity of grantees and the amount awarded.

Exceptions: This policy does not apply to disclosures to attorneys, accountants and other professionals providing assistance to the foundation. It also does not apply to disclosures to tax authorities, government agencies, courts, or as otherwise required by law.

The following are considered public documents and information contained in them is not subject to the confidentiality requirements of this policy:

  • The Foundation’s annual report or financial review once it has been accepted by the board.
  • The Foundation’s investment and spending policies.
  • The Foundation’s Form 990 as required to be publicly disclosed. This does not include the names and addresses of donors as that information is not required to be disclosed.

If you have any questions about what is or is not appropriate to discuss outside of the Foundation or wish to seek permission to make a public disclosure of information that is otherwise confidential, please talk to the Board Chair or CEO.