CKCF Staff Roles and Contact Info




We are here to assist and enable you to build your Community Foundation! We prefer to communicate by email and endeavor to respond to all incoming messages. However, if you have an urgent, quick question, you may text or call one of us at the number listed.

Below each name are some common reasons you may be trying to reach your CKCF staff.

Accounting  Specialist: Melinda Newell,, 316-282-2361

  • To check on a contribution
  • To check on a payable
  • For help understanding or generating a particular report from CSuite
  • To set up a campaign in Csuite such as track a mailing or monitor expense and income from an event
  • To dig deeper on a financial report 
  • Impact Investment point of contact along with CEO

Affiliate Liaison: Becky Nickel,, 620-951-4022

  • To inform her that your meeting has been rescheduled
  • To ask a question about an event you’re planning
  • For help navigating the resources on the CKCF website such as finding the Compliance Documents, Event Form, or a particular wu-foo document
  • For help using the Fund Advisor Portal

CEO: Angie Tatro,, 316-239-9451

  • To request approval for a media release and other collateral materials
  • To set up an appointment for someone who wishes to talk about opening a fund
  • Support you with local donor cultivation
  • To invite her to present the State of the Foundation at one of your board meetings
  • To send updates for your webpage
  • Strategize for local goals and growth initiatives

Program Officer – Grants: Melissa Schreiber,, 316-251-4143

  • Supports grant administration
  • To provide Grant Review Committee member names and emails
  • To ask questions about previous or current grant cycles and awards
  • To schedule an in-person meeting of your Review Committee
  • With questions about Spendable Balance (aka Available to Spend (ATS)) distribution amounts and process from your endowed fund(s)
  • To get clarity on the parameters of a particular fund for grantmaking
  • Oversees and coordinates with local contacts for grant awards CKCF and Affiliates receives

Program Officer ~ Scholarships – Brandi Garnica, 

  • General Administrative support for scholarship cycles.
  • Scholarship application set up in Community Force, our grant and scholarship software, for each grant/scholarship cycle, monitor completion of applications and reviews, coordinate completion of reviewers, and provide results to Program Director
  • Clone applications for each annual process and make necessary edits / changes.
  • Assists with profile/contact information management for charities and individuals.
  • Coordinates scholarships with fund advisors, local high school counselors and affiliate foundations as well as higher education institutions.

Disaster Preparedness/Response: Brandi Garnica,, 316-217-1150

  • To invite a presentation in your community about disaster preparedness
  • For information about how to put a team in place in your community to respond in case of a community-wide disaster.


Development: Andrea Braker,

  • CKCF Fundraising and Recognition Event Coordination
  • Available to support donor cultivation and donor contacts (Contact Angie to discuss)
  • Support for local fundraising events, specifically for Match Day efforts

Media and Communications Services 

  • To provide updates for your brochure
  • To update your affiliate Thank You note design
  • To consult about a campaign, including Facebook promotions

Please note that CKCF is covering design costs up to $275/affiliate. When that amount is reached, additional expenses will fall to your Operating Fund. We provide connection to two designers currently and you may also use local contact.