CKCF Mission Moment

Mission Moment with Angie Tatro, Executive Director

Customized Giving that leads to your legacy. Consider establishing your own fund. You may wish to start a new endowment fund to benefit the charity or charities important to you, support a particular field of interest, or provide scholarship monies. The fund may be named in memory or honor of a loved one or influential person in your life. Individuals, families and businesses can establish personal charitable funds.

CKCF Leader Series: Todd Kasitz



Todd is currently the Chief Financial Officer for Newton Medical Center. He serves as Treasurer for the Central Kansas Community Foundation. When not using his talents to serve his community and create a better hospital experience for Newton and surrounding communities, he enjoys spending time with his wife Debra and their four boys, ages 14-22. He is happy to be involved in community organizations that make a difference!

Charity Spotlight: Communities in Schools – Mid America

We love when our grant recipients promote their mission and educate the general public about the unique challenges that face the groups they serve. Communities in School is a great example of our charitable dollars at work.

Locally, CIS was awarded $2,500 for their work with children and families at the El Dorado Middle School. We are proud to support them with a 2018 Kids FUNd grant award!

CKCF Hosts Affiliates for 2018 Affiliate Summit

The 2018 CKCF Affiliate Summit truly placed the power for community change and foundational growth in the hands of our affiliate organizations.

The foundation experienced a very successful year in 2017. Foundati

on grants funded 138 programs with a total impact of $184,553. The need was far greater, in the amount of nearly $500,000. $313,614 in grant requests were not funded. CKCF awarded 110 scholarships in the amount of $108,933. Several new accounting procedures and foundation policies were implemented to continue to operate within National Standards and industry best practices.

A general tone of a relational focus was sprinkled throughout the Summit. The Central Kansas network of foundations has a tremendous opportunity and responsibility for shining the light on needs, while also engaging donors with charitable intentions. Partnerships and alliances are growing stronger in our region, demonstrating the strength of rural Kansas and that it has citizens who wish for a better tomorrow for future generations.

Consultant Terry Woodbury empowered and encouraged foundations to bring together the Education, Government, Business and Social Service sectors to impact change within the communities served by affiliates. It is only through partnerships between

these sectors that meaningful change and community growth can happen. His hands-on small group exercises encouraged participants to listen to the needs in the communities, to identify and evaluate the strengths of each sector in the group and come up with ideas to solve a communal problem they each individually identified. He partnered participants with individuals form other communities as a means of building support and accountability. This “buddy” relationship will be in place for this coming year!

Ashley Bridgeman with the Bridgeman Group continued the momentum by discussing

how affiliate foundation volunteers can use integrated marketing and fund development to achieve their strategic goals and increase their community impact. The power of the affiliate organization lies in the creativity of its planning, which is becoming increasingly more important as we move to a more developmental approach to build community endowment. Development is the idea that we create and hold onto relationships with potential donors through meaningful outreach and interactions, with a goal of philanthropy. A good integrated marketing plan supports a strong development plan. In the coming months this will be integrated into board discussions as plans are designed for local needs and goals.

As we move forward, CKCF will partner with each affiliate organization to identify high level goals and put a development plan in place to have a guide to create relationships, grow funds, increase giving and emerge as recognized community leaders.

CKCF Mission Moment

Be Ready. Be Resilient. CKCF and our affiliates are prepared to activating Community Response Funds in the event of local man-made or natural disasters. Donors seek reputable resources for their gifts for recovery. We are that local partner.

We regularly post information regarding our disaster preparedness initiative HERE!

CKCF Leader Series: Jennifer Vogts



While Jennifer moved around with her father’s Air Force career during her formative years, she spent the most time growing up in Norcross, Georgia. After graduation, she moved to Kansas and has lived in Newton since 2003. She married Alan Vogts and together they have a blended family filled with 6 children, a son-in-law, two grandchildren and two soon-to-be sons-in-law. She enjoys spending time with family, attending the kid’s sporting events, running, reading, listening to live music and watching movies.

For the past 12 years Jennifer has been a stay-at-home mom. Remaining connected and engaged in the Newton community in meaningful ways is very important to her. Therefore, sought involvement with the Women’s Community Foundation, Leave a Legacy, North Newton Community Foundation, Central Kansas Community Foundation and others. This allows her the flexibility to balance her time and attention on the needs of her family while making a positive contribution to other endeavors outside of her home. Currently, Jennifer also works as needed with Alan’s companies, Vogts Construction and Vogts-Parga Construction.

CKCF’s mission is building stronger communities through charitable giving. Jen firmly believes that is what is going on in Newton and in CKCF’s Affiliate service areas. It is very rewarding to see so many people, many of them her friends and neighbors, investing their financial resources as well as their effort and time generously and strategically back into their communities. The difference a donor’s charitable contribution makes on the lives of people living in our communities is tremendous, and she is honored to get to see that first hand as a CKCF board member. She is so proud of the work CKCF does as a team. CKCF touts capable and talented leadership, and staff and board members work well together, and they have a lot fun while they’re at it! As a result, CKCF assets have grown to over $22M across 380 funds producing over $1M in grants each year to help make communities stronger and life better in many areas like animal welfare, health and human services, science and education and arts and culture.  She is very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of something so significant to others and impactful on the world around her!

In addition to her profound commitment to CKCF, Jen serves the North Newton Community Foundation, Newton Area Woman of the Year, SafeHope and Big Brothers Big Sisters serving Harvey County. She is also involved with Junior Reading Circle.

Jennifer is related to Noah Webster – they are cousins! He was an American lexicographer, textbook pioneer, English-language spelling reformer, political writer, editor, and prolific author and was the author of Webster’s Dictionary. Also, Al and Jennifer watched all 7 seasons of Game of Thrones in three weeks!

The Benefits of a Charitable Bequest

Bequest Benefits

A charitable bequest is an easy way for you to help us in our work and benefit. Here are some of the benefits of bequest giving:

  • It costs you nothing today to make a bequest
  • A bequest is free of federal estate tax
  • Your bequest can be changed down the road
  • You can still benefit your heirs with specific gifts
  • A bequest may produce estate tax savings
  • You can leave a legacy through a bequest

Click HERE for more information.

If you are interested in establishing a bequest, please contact our office at (316) 283-5474.

CKCF Mission Moment


CKCF Mission Moment with Executive Director Angie Tatro

Providing options for charitable giving. We offer a Giving Card. Much like retail gift cards, Giving Cards are given to celebrate birthdays, holidays, a job well done, or other special occasions. Giving Cards can be redeemed to benefit any 501(c)(3) public charity in the United States (including schools, churches and synagogues). A gift that makes a gift! The purchase of a Giving Card is tax deductible. For more information about giving cards or to purchase a giving card, please click the following link.

CKCF Open House a Success!

CKCF recently hosted our friends, donors and charitable organizations at the 2018 Dessert First Open House. We featured Community BetterMINT ice cream from the Salted Creamery in Newton, showcased our affiliate accomplishments and honored the legacy of Frank and Geneva Spangler by giving a grant award to the Carriage Factory Art Gallery from their fund.

We have featured the event photos on our Facebook page – visit us at @CentralKansasCF!!

CKCF Leader Series: Rod Kreie



Rod Kreie was born and raised in Ulysses, Kansas.  After graduating from Ulysses High School, he attended Southwestern College in Winfield, Ks. Rod and his wife Dana have three girls (Rebecca, Melanie, and Bethany) and 5 grandchildren. Their kids live in New York City, Seattle and Alamogordo, NM.  When not working or volunteering, he loves golf, sports and mowing his big yard.

Rod is the managing member of Great Plains Biosciences Group. He also is an advisor and on boards of several other entities that he is involved with.

Rod seldom says no to helping his community and said yes when asked to serve on the CKCF board. His passion for CKCF is motivated by seeing groups prosper, using the concept that by pooling resources, a bunch of little contributions can add up and make a big dent in things a community can invest in to take care of it’s needs.

Rod is deeply involved in Rotary and sells lots of peaches that help every 3rd grader in Harvey County get a dictionary, often the first book they have ever owned. He was recently appointed  to the Newton City Commission, has served as president of the Chamber, chairs the Greater Newton Community Foundation, on the inaugural committee for the Sand Creek Festival and is actively involved in Rotary Youth Exchange.

I’ve been involved in Rotary Youth Exchange since 1987 and know kids (grown into adults) all over the world. For my last birthday, because of social media, I received birthday wishes from over 40 countries.