Fund Representatives

Fund Representatives (Fund Reps) Defined: Fund Reps are provided access to specific charitable funds based on either being the original donor, successor donor, an advisor or CKCF staff or board volunteer, including affiliate foundations.

Donors and Advisors are able to provide recommendations regarding the charitable funds of which they have recommendation authority. Due to this most Fund Reps are afforded the opportunity to provide recommendations on the management of the charitable fund. Fund Reps assist the CKCF office with providing Fund Distribution Recommendations annually. For Endowed Charitable Funds this includes making recommendations regarding the amount of the charitable distribution. Charitable distributions are the grants made to charitable entities based on the purpose and intent of the Funds Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Many funds such as Donor Advised Funds (DAF) provide donors the ability to choose any qualified charitable entities for granting distribution and it is not always the same, year after year.

2019 Distributions

Endowment Fund Reps in the first quarter of the year received an electronic notification of the Available to Spend/Distribute balances for 2019. That correspondence indicated the need for a Fund Rep to complete the Distribution Request Form. Below is a word version of the form that you can review before going to the link to complete the Form. Our system does not allow you to save part way through so be prepared to complete the form before you go to the link. Also if more than one Fund Rep, please coordinate your requests to ensure agreement as we will process first received request received from a qualified Fund Rep.

2019 Distribution Request Form (Word Version)Word Version of Request for Distribution
(this word version is for your preparation, it will not be accepted as the formal request. Please use link below to submit)

2019 Distribution Request Form Link:  Click Here

REMINDER – If an endowed fund’s base balance is less than $10,000 it is ineligible for distribution at an level.