Advisor Tools

Gift Illustrations

The Central Kansas Community Foundation utilizes Crescendo software to create gift illustrations for our donors and/or their financial and legal representatives.

If your clients are considering a charitable remainder unitrust, a lead trust, gift annuity options, or any other planned gift as a part of their estate plan, call us and we will be happy to create an illustration that crunches all the numbers, provides both a simple explanation and a more detailed explanation of the concepts, and reviews the tax implications. We will provide this free of charge and anonymously if requested — no need to share your client’s identity or personal information.

Take advantage of this free service by calling Central Kansas Community Foundation at 316-283-5474 or email executive director Angie Tatro at

Planned Giving Resources

Click Here for more resources for your clients. Educational resources, giving calculators, bequest language and more.

Agreement Templates

Donor Advised Fund – Template Agreement Click Here
Testamentary Agreement – Template Agreement Click Here