Organizational Information

Tax Identification Number

Central Kansas Community Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt charitable organization.

Our Tax ID Number is 48-1221368

Foundation Financials

Following are the previous three years’ public 990s. Click on link to review. For a full public copy of the annual audit please make a request by calling (316) 283-5474 or emailing Angie Tatro.

2016 Organizational Financials
2015 Organizational Financials

2014 Organization Financials

2013 Organization Financials

2016 Foundation Annual Report

The National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS) is a clearinghouse for the non-profit sector. You can find more information about Central Kansas Community Foundation there. Please CLICK HERE and then enter Central Kansas Community Foundation.

Should the Foundation be required to file a 990-T, they will be made available for your review on our website and by using this link to GUIDESTAR.

Central Kanas Community Foundation Articles of Incorporation: CLICK HERE
Central Kansas Community Foundation Bylaws: CLICK HERE


The Foundation’s Gift and Fund Acceptance Policies are available here by clicking this link.

CKCF Gift and Fund Acceptance Policy

CKCF Investment and Spending Policy

The Foundation highly values the privacy of our donors, charitable agencies and website users. See our Privacy Policy for information regarding how we ensure your rights and privacy.

CKCF Privacy Policy


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