CKCF Board of Directors

2022-2023 Officers

Picture Annual Meeting 2022


  1. Immediate Past Chair, Rachel Swartzendruber Miller (Hesston)
    Hesston College
  2. Chair, Becky Wolfe (Augusta)
    Advanced Innovations LLC
  3. Vice Chair, Anthony Roy (Hillsboro)
    Hillsboro Community Foundation
  4. Vice Chair Elect, Amy Budde (Newton)
    Citizen’s Bank – Newton
  5. Treasurer, Rod Kreie (Newton)
    Newton City Commissioner
  6. Secretary, Don Voth (Newton)
    Retired Finance
  7. Finance Chair, Ron Lang (Newton)
    Union State Bank

Members At Large

  1. James Regier (Whitewater)
  2. Carrie Herman (Halstead)
    Kansas Learning Center for Health
  3. Joel Gaeddert (North Newton)
    Flint Hills Designs
  4. Jon Zerger (Newton)
    LRICo Services LLC
  5. Myron Schmidt (Goessel)
    Goessel Community Foundation
  6. Allen Wedel (Newton)
    Trinity Heights Methodist Church Foundation
  7. Keith Martins (Hesston)
    Beneficient Company Group
  8. Heather Porter (Newton)
    NMC Health
  9. Jacob Schmill (Peabody)
  10. Kelly Groening (Hillsboro)
    Hillsboro Community Foundation
  11. Matt Voth (Newton)
    Goessel Community Foundation
  12. Rick McNary (Potwin)
    Shop Kansas Farms
  13. Dana Burns (Andover)
    Butler County Sheriff’s Office


  • Angie Tatro, CEO

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